4 additions every kitchen can benefit from

 Oster Blender with Food Processor attachment

Oster Blender with food processor attachment

This here is a holiday must, according to our head designer Patty Hayos. “It’s just one of those things that is out every holiday season.” It replaces many other appliances with its’ small attachments. And why would you want to clutter up your cabinets with 5-6 other appliances when you can have one that does it all. With Patty’s favorite attachment a separate food processor is obsolete.  






Slow cooker

I wonder what is cooking ?

A slow cooker is a timeless kitchen appliance that has been helping families for years. The simple art of combining all the ingredients at once to cook during the day while other chores and jobs are being taken care of made them a staple in the American household. Slow cookers are neither expensive nor complicated and I can say from first hand experience have been a life saver in college. So dust off the old wedding gift or go out and buy yourself a slow cooker. For some really great recipes, try http://www.myrecipes.com/cooking-method/slow-cooker-recipes/summer-slow-cooker-recipes-00420000011460/ 




Keurig coffee maker

For more than just coffee

They come in many different models from a single person maker which they call travel size or Platinum plus brewing system. They can work with regular ground coffee you can buy at the store if you get a reusable “K-cup” or the single uses ones that can be bought online or at selected grocery stores. You can pack your favorite ground coffee into the reusable k-cup and have a cup of your favorite coffee in a heartbeat. The ones I have is a single cup Keurig, but they have some that have a water reservoir so you can make up to 6 cups without constantly adding water. My single cup maker is perfect for me and couple friends. And with K-cups becoming more and more popular they have branched out into different hot and cool beverages from tea to hot cocoa and ice coffee. This coffee maker can save you time and money by skipping the coffee house run.



Kitchen aid mixer

Fiery Red

A Kitchen Aid mixer is more that just a stand alone mixing device. It is the base to have with everything you need to make good home cooked meals from scratch.  The basic mixer is what I see in most households as well as our own. Having an appliance that can do half the job by itself is one of the most helpful things when we are cooking. Getting tangled up in a hand beater cord is a thing of the past, no more cake batter splattered on the ceiling nor dripping to the floor because I had to put it down to grab the vanilla extract. With their 50 plus attachments I am sure you will find a couple that will help you out in your kitchen.






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