7 Things you should think about before you remodel your kitchen


Helpful tips for personalizing your kitchen to fit your every need.


1)      Who cooks in the kitchen?

Before remodeling your kitchen ask yourself, “Who cooks in the kitchen?” This may sound like a simple question, but oddly enough, the answers do not always pop to your head. Is there one main person who cooks for the family or is cooking a family affair? If it is not a family affair, but you would like your family to be apart of the cooking experience, what is deterring them, the couch or is your kitchen cramped? Is the layout unfriendly for multiple people doing different things?


2)      Do you entertain? If so, how often?

Is your house the go-to for Thanksgiving and Christmas, or the center of ever NFL game? Taking time to think about how much you already entertain can help guild you to ideas of how to best utilize your space. Do you need more cabinet storage for those difficult to store party platters? A bigger refrigerator for Thanksgiving leftovers?


3)      Do you buy in bulk? If so what do you buy?

Since we are talking about storage, let’s think about what is purchased at the grocery store, and the all important Club Store. Do you use bulk shopping for paper goods and discounted devices (e.g. cameras, television) or do you purchase large quantities of dry goods, meats, and vegetables? These and other questions can help you visualize where you need the most storage space in your new kitchen.


Temnovka By Anton Novoselov

Temnovka By Anton Novoselov

4)    What type of cooking do you do?

This may be a simpler question to answer than others. What type of cooking you will be doing in your dream kitchen? Do you use every burner on the range, plus the microwave, in preparing a meal? Or do you need more counterpace for chopping and grating to create your masterpiece casserole? The type of cooking you do will ultimately determine what kind of kitchen you need.


5)      Are you an appliance person or a gadget person?

Do you stick to the basic 5 appliances for your cooking or do you like to have every gadget under the sun to peel, press, and mix? Knowing how many appliances and gadgets you have now, will guide you to plan adequate storage space for all your gadgets, plus extra room for those to come.


6)      Family versus Formal

Previously, we mentioned how often you entertain is an important concern when you start the process of remodeling your kitchen. But, another question that gets overlooked is, whom do you entertain for? Is it primarily family events, where there are 4 cooks in your kitchen and everyone is helping out, or is it a more formal setting where people let you work all the magic and marvel at the finished product? Just something to consider when you are customizing your kitchen for your needs.


7)      Who are you remodeling for?

And last but certainly not least, the all important question “Who are you remodeling for?” by now you have an idea of who the main cook is. However, make sure this is a joint effort with you and your partner or you and the family. Sit down and write a list of your top three wants in you new kitchen and what are your partner’s top three wants for their new kitchen. Are they similar, different or extreme opposites? Taking all of these things into consideration will help the process go as smooth as possible.



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