Smoked Kielbasa with Rice

We were looking for something to do with a Kielbasa we had in the refrigerator. We found a recipe that was tasty, easy to prepare but didn’t feel like an appetizer for dinner. The recipe can be found here – Smoked Kielbasa with Rice We made a couple of changes based on what the pantry had in […]

Renovation Initiation

The weather is getting warmer and we are all craving some lemonade. Some people call it summer time, we call it busy season in the construction industry. Summer brings to a lot of home owners long awaited projects and if you are one of them congratulations! Today I specifically want to talk about kitchen renovations. […]

Tour of Sunset Magazine

Patty and I were invited to see Sunset Magazine headquarters earlier this month by our friends from Standards of Excellence, the evening being hosted by GE Monogram. I remember as a child, Sunset Magazine was always on the coffee table at home. My mom would go through all the articles, try some of the recipes, and […]

4 additions every kitchen can benefit from

 Oster Blender with Food Processor attachment This here is a holiday must, according to our head designer Patty Hayos. “It’s just one of those things that is out every holiday season.” It replaces many other appliances with its’ small attachments. And why would you want to clutter up your cabinets with 5-6 other appliances when you can […]

Cake4Kids Cook Off !!!

Patty Hayos and the family at Signature Kitchen & Bath Design have been sponsoring Cake4Kids this past summer and it has been a blast. Most recently Cake4Kids held a Cook-off on the 17th of September. They were able to raise $4,000 to help their cause, while our own Patty and Stephanie Hayos were judges. If you […]

7 Things you should think about before you remodel your kitchen

  Helpful tips for personalizing your kitchen to fit your every need.   1)      Who cooks in the kitchen? Before remodeling your kitchen ask yourself, “Who cooks in the kitchen?” This may sound like a simple question, but oddly enough, the answers do not always pop to your head. Is there one main person who […]

Signature Kitchen & Bath Design – The New Location – A Year Later

It was a tough job but solid work and design created results which far outperformed our wildest expectations! As usual for a construction project, managing the many aspects including layout, design, and construction execution was the toughest part. We’ve been fortunate that our past efforts had proven us to our vendors and industry partners, each responded with overwhelming support. Without […]

Remodeling your kitchen without leaving your home

Having your kitchen out of commission for any length of time requires a bit of planning. We like to advise our clients to create a temporary kitchen for use while their kitchen is receiving its much-anticipated makeover. It helps to be organized, but even homeowners who are challenged in the organization department can survive a kitchen remodel […]

Can you give me a ballpark price?

It’s not unusual for us to get a request, almost weekly, for a “ballpark price”. We understand that the request is to determine a number of things: Can I afford to do this project, can I afford your products and services, do you have good pricing, or am I getting a good value for my […]

Kitchen Remodeling – Price vs Value

Getting an excellent price is the only thing that matters, right? Not exactly… Lets say you ask someone how much for a car? They answer $10,000. Now that’s either a great price or a lousy price. If it’s for a brand new luxury car it’s great, if it’s for an old jalopy, it’s not. The REASON […]