Cake4Kids Cook Off !!!

Signature Kitchen and Bath Design with Cake4Kids

Patty and some of the cakes from Saturdays Event

Patty Hayos and the family at Signature Kitchen & Bath Design have been sponsoring Cake4Kids this past summer and it has been a blast. Most recently Cake4Kids held a Cook-off on the 17th of September. They were able to raise $4,000 to help their cause, while our own Patty and Stephanie Hayos were judges.

If you have never heard of Cake4Kids here is a bit about them straight from their website

“Cake4Kids was founded in September, 2010 to help foster kids and at-risk youth feel special at least one day a year, to raise their self-esteem, and to increase their chance of success in school and life knowing that people care for them. The primary method of mission delivery is by providing free birthday cakes to foster care and at-risk youth who wouldn’t otherwise have a birthday celebration. ”

Honestly we think it is a fantastic idea to help foster kids which have no control over their situation to make sure they feel special on their birthday. Here is a link to their gallery of all the different cakes they have made for everyone’s special day
Patty got in connection with Cake4Kids through her Womans Networking Group (SassyNetworking)

“Many of us over look the importance of a birthday cake, and this is a great community of people that dedicate thier time to ensure that every child can get a cake made with care on thier day. “- Patty Hayos

Cake4Kids puts together many different events on to involve the community and promote self-esteem with foster children. Like a meet and greet with the San Jose Saber Cats Mervin Brookins (Defensive Back), Courtney Smith (Wide Receiver/Defensive Back) and Melvin Stephenson (Defensive Back) and collecting Kitchen Packs for children who age out of foster care. Kitchen Packs are full with Toaster ovens, silverware, plates and Baking pans to help these youth into the world of being an adult.

We are lucky enough to hold two of the Cake4Kids events in our showroom this October 14 and the 21st. A fondant Class for all the young bakers big and small.

If you are interested in getting involved or contributing to the group you can learn all you need to know at They are not just asking for money, if you have anything that would contribute in helping them make a Foster Childs’ birthday a little bit brighter such as frosting, cake pans, specialty shaped pans or even postage stamps send it to

The Domain Hotel
1085 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

and if you are interested in donating your time you can email them at to get information on how you can help.



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