Mary’s New Kitchen – Los Altos, CA

Designer: Patty Hayos

Cabinet Line: Dynasty by Omega

Contractor: Avila Construction

Location: Los Altos, CA

With Mary making a new start with her kids she deserves a kitchen that feels like home. This galley kitchen had plenty of personality all its own, a “slanted multi-height” ceiling (Notice the upper cabinet follows the ceiling line to the left of the sink) that created a challenge in itself but with the right contractor and plenty of imagination we’ve created exactly what Mary wanted. A warm comfortable kitchen with plenty of storage, counter top space and elbow room. “My kids and their friends like to come in a make snacks while I’m busy in the kitchen…can I have room for everybody?” … By extending the range wall of cabinets and using an end transitional cabinet to direct traffic we’ve negotiated a generous walkway and have plenty of space for everyone. Yes we did the bathroom and the fireplace mantle also. Enjoy Mary!


  1. Beautiful work!

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