Stephanie’s New Kitchen – San Jose, CA

Designer: Patty Hayos

Cabinet Line: Dynasty by Omega


Location: San Jose, CA

This hot little cherry number has got to be one of my favorite kitchens… talk about a life altering change. This beautiful little home in San Jose was in dire need of a floor plan change without a lot of extra expense. This dark little U-style kitchen was limiting the access to the family room and beautiful back yard. By removing the right leg and wall we were able to open the space, add lighting and island… Wow! What a difference!

As we enter into the home the kitchen feels spacious, there’s a place for the mail and even room for the kids to do homework. The island provides some fantastic storage options and plenty of extra counter top real estate. This new kitchen has creative storage solutions, user friendly and flexible as family and life changes and new cooks emerge.

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